Heat Pumps will make a major contribution to heating

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“Modern Energy”, a special report of Financial Times focusing on energy issues and future energy solutions published an article regarding the future of boilers. The article under the name “Boilers on the Backburner as consumers rein in waste” includes quotes from the UK Energy Research Center. In one of these quotes a representative from the UK Energy Research Center claims:

“Consumers could enjoy a future without boilers for generating heating for homes within 30 years. “By 2050, individual gas boilers will be largely a thing of the past”, he says.

He continues, “Instead, electricity, either directly or through heat pumps will make a major contribution to heating supplemented my biomass and solar thermal.”

EHPA welcomes this direct recognition of the role of heat pumps in the energy mix and aims at future energy solutions, which support and promote heat pump technology for heating and cooling spaces.

The article can be found in p.4 here.
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