5 Tips of how to find a reliable heat pump supplier in China

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5 Tips of how to find a reliable heat pump supplier in China

China has been “world factory” for many years, which attract a lot of foreign company find business opportunity in China. However, It is not easy to find a suitable reliable supplier, think about that you may face hundreds suppliers at the same time either in exhibition or B2B platform. There are really a lot suppliers on various B2B platform.  You will certainly lost in pages,because there are more than 100 suppliers only on the newly listed page. And most of them have stunning photos which will distract you and made you think they are the perfect choice for you. You may also puzzled how to choose the suitable one. Are they really as good as it looks online? Maybe you need to get some key information to check and verify the potential supplier. I have more than 8 years experience in heat pump industry. Below are my suggestion about how to find a reliable heat pump supplier in China, Then what’s the more info you should get to know? Below are 5 tips for you verify the heat pump supplier.

  1. Check whether the supplier have laboratory in factory for heat pump products test.Often if a heat pump manufacturer don’t have laboratory, they are not able to assure the result of heat pump products Research & Development.  since they don’t have condition to test the units in different simulate ambient temp. The laboratory is also a signal of the supplier capability of R&D in some degree.


2.Ask people who deal with you give you email about their company business registration certificate, or tax certificate.   Since any company which registered in China must have these certificates, which are usually issued by the industrial and commercial bureau of local government. Of course these certificates are in Chinese, if you don’t understand Chinese, tell your supplier you have Chinese staff (or friend) who will verify according to these documents, then nobody dare to cheat you any more, I think. Per these certificate you can detect whether the company is manufacturer or trading company. I know most heat pump clients don’t want to deal with trading company. After heat pump selling, trading company can’t provide technical support in time. What’s more, some trading company may source from different factory, which also will lead to the products lack of quality control.


  1. Internet is widely used and greatly helps people in different countries doing business with each other. So that surf on internet to find and check the feedback of potential qualified supplier will be a good way for most people. For example, type the products keyword in google or B2B platform such as Alibaba, you may get a lot of  useful information about the supplier.  Everybody knows China supplier can offer low price. My opinion is, when you find the potential source in China, you’ve already got very low price comparing to buy from else where, in the long term cooperate with a reliable heat pump manufacturer is more important than who offer lowest price. Do NOT buy from the one who offer lowest price, but the company who offer reasonable price with high quality products. Just think about if you buy the lowest heat pump products with low quality, you may face high risk of potential lost from products low quality and lack of technical support.


4.Check whether the supplier have attend exhibition or not? Except internet, International Heat pump related Exhibition is also a good way to find a qualified heat pump supplier.  To a certain extent, I think exhibition is still a reliable source for find qualified supplier. Suppliers there need to pay $12k or above for join and attend, and there are also requested to submit business registration certificate when applying for attend the exhibition. For example, Every company attend the Canton Fair should have been verified and go through a lot of procedure by government. If the supplier don’t qualified, they can not  get officials offer to attend the Fair. What’s more, if a supplier can attend the fair also have display the capacity of Marketing in some degree.


  1. If above suggestion still not convinced yourself to find the qualified supplier, I will suggest you go to China visit the factory directly to see the supplier what it is in real. During the factory trip, you can see and double check the supplier manufacturer line, laboratory, quality control, and talk with the people who you deal with face by face. Then you can use your common sense to judge whether the supplier is conformed to what they are described on website or better than what they actually are.  However,  it is not easy for some people to arrange a business visit  go to China personally, in this case if you have friends in China, let your friends visit the supplier and give you feedback before cooperation will be a good idea, in which you can save money for  business trip cost and lower the potential risk of cooperation.


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If these suggestions are helpful for you to find a qualified heat pump manufacturer in China, I will feel very happy. Good luck, guys !

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