Compact Low Ambient Tmperature EVI Heat Pump

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Low temp EVI heat pump

Compact Low Ambient Temperature EVI Heat Pump

BLUEWAY Compact air to water low ambient temperature EVI heat pump is specially designed for house heating and sanitary hot water in cold area. The ambient temperature range is -25DC to 43DC. It can use safely in -20DC ambient with strong low-temperature heating capacity

Adopting the most advanced low-temperature Enhanced Vapors Injection compressor technology. EVI heat pump delivers higher heating capacity at low evaporation temperature thereby better responding to heating requirements than normal air source heat pump, it also results in less supplementary heating to cover the full heating demand on the coldest days. It has been further optimized to enable heat pumps to efficiently produce water temperature up to 60 DC during cold winter time.

Compact EVI Heat Pump Description

1. Design for cold climate
2. Split or compct design all available, easy for installation
3. Durable, reliable and easy to operation
4. Low noise design, High working efficiency

Compact EVI Heat Pump Standard units feature

1.Heating Capacity range: 14kW, 27kW, 41kW, 49kW and 95kW.
2.EVI compressor special designed for high water temperature.
3.Water exchanger equipped with high efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger
4.Intelligent controller and adjustment by quick mind microprocessor.
5.Split design with indoor unit and outdoor unit or monoblck design, easy for installation.
6.Automatic defrosting function included (With reverse valve inside).
7.Can be used for floor heating, fan coils, water heaters and also modern radiators.
8.with perfect system for defrosting which can let the units work under ambient temperature of -20 Centigrade
9.R417a or R407c refrigerant, environmentally friendly – Green energy, no CO2 emissions

CE, CB, RoHS, Conform to EN14511-2:2011 test standard, , ISO9001, ISO14001.

Galvanized metal cabinet or stainless steel cabinet

Compact EVI Heat Pump Application Installation


Compact EVI Heat Pump Connection Diagram


Features & Highlights

  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-3Silver welding
    Blueway welding technology let the units system more reliable; in most probably it will avoid the refrigerant leakage
  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-4Smart control
    The units apply intelligent control system: Micro processor based digital controller with LCD display
  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-7High efficiency eco-friendly refrigerant, without ozone depletion
  • Commerial-pool-heat-pump-3Hot gas defrosting
    Blueway adopt “SAGINOMAMIYA” four way valve for the defrosting system. It could defrost itself intelligently & efficiently.
  • Commerial-pool-heat-pump-4EEV technology
    The Electronic Expansion Valve technology Blueway adopt is a very unique and advanced technology. Through intelligent control of refrigerant flow, the use of an electronic expansion valve(EEV) has a number of advantages for the system.
    1. The EEV increase the heating output and the COP
    2. The EEV improves the overall operational reliability
    3. The EEV extends the lifespan of the compressor
  • Commerial-pool-heat-pump-5DC Inverter, Energy Efficiency
    DC inverter tecnology makes the unit get higher efficiency and save more than 30% energy consumption in annual running.
  • Commerial-pool-heat-pump-6Famous brand plate heat exchanger ensure the high efficiency and reliability of the whole heat pump system.
  • Commerial-pool-heat-pump-7High efficiency eco-friendly refrigerant, without ozone depletion

Compact Low Ambient Temperature EVI Heat Pump

Model EHP-10M EHP-13M EHP-16M EHP-22M
HP 4 5 6 8
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 380-415V/3Ph/50Hz
A7 / W35℃ Heating capacity kW 10.3 13.2 16.5 22.3
Power input kW 2.58 3.38 4.23 5.87
Running current A 4.6 6.1 7.6 10.5
COP 4.0 3.9 3.9 3.8
A7 / W45℃ Heating capacity kW 10.1 12.9 16.2 21.9
Power input kW 3.06 4.03 5.10 6.94
Running current A 5.5 7.2 9.1 12.4
COP 3.30 3.21 3.17 3.15
A35 / W7℃ Cooling capacity kW 7.9 10.0 12.5 16.4
Power input kW 2.81 3.56 4.53 5.96
Running current A 5.0 6.4 8.1 10.7
EER 2.80 2.80 2.75 2.75
Noise level DB(A) 60 64 65 65
Rated outlet water temp. °C 55
Max outlet water temp. °C 60
Ambient temperature range °C -20~43
Rated water flow rate L/S 0.49 0.63 0.79 1.07
Rated pressure drop kPa 50 50 50 50
Max. Working Pressure Refrigerant Bar 44 44 44 44
Water Bar 7 7 7 7
Water connection Ø mm 28 28 28 28
Controller Micro processor based digital wire controller with LCD display
External cabinet Galvanized steel with powder coating
Compressor Make Hitachi
Type EVI Scroll
Nos. 1 1 1 1
Refrigerant R410A
Water heat exchanger Type Brazed plate heat exchanger
Materials SUS 316
Built in electric heater KW 4 6 6 9
Built in 3-way valve yes yes yes yes
Built in pump Wilo Wilo Wilo Wilo
Dimension (W*D*H) Indoor Unit (Free Standing Type) mm 660*650*1150 660*650*1150 660*650*1150 1200x650x1150
Indoor Unit (Wall Mounted Type) mm 508*406*947 508*406*947 508*406*947
Outdoor Unit mm 830*310*1260 830*310*1260 930*930*1270 990x440x1600

Test condition: Ambient temp.(DB/WB) = 7℃/6℃, inlet/outlet water temp. = 30℃/35℃
Test condition: Ambient temp.(DB/WB) = 7℃/6℃, inlet/outlet water temp. = 30℃/35℃

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