Commercial & Industrial Dehumidifier

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Commercial & Industrial Dehumidifier

BLUEWAY Industrial Dehumidifier are specially designed and engineered for effective control of damaging moisture of indoor facilities. They are available in many sizes and a variety of configurations for large indoor facilities, such as hotels, schools, natatoriums, aquatic centers and water parks etc.

Blueway Industrial dehumidifers have many special design features to minimize maintenance and extend
the life of the unit. All critical components are located out of the corrosive air stream, and coils
are constructed from all copper and coated aluminum fins for long life. Blueway uses full-
size air/water condensers for maximum pool and air heating or cooling. It utilizes a sophisticated
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that offers highly efficient control strategies for more efficient
intelligent pool operation. All units are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with side and roof panels
galvanized and epoxy powder coated to resist corrosion. Panel insulation provides additional
energy efficiency along with sound control for indoor and outdoor installations.

Dehumidifier Products feature:
1) Compact & elegant design;
2) Strong airfow and quiet operation;
3) Digital control panel displaying RH value;
4) RH control range: 30% – 90%; 24 hours timer;
5) Intelligent controller and adjustment by quick mind microprocessor.
6) Piston compressor, tropical for high ambient conditions;
7) Big wheels for option;
8) Automatic defrosting function included. (With reverse cycle valve inside)
9)Eco friendly R417A /R134A refrigerant, no depletion to ozone layer;
10)50Hz and 60Hz units all available.

Features & Highlights

  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-3Silver welding
    Blueway welding technology let the units system more reliable; in most probably it will avoid the refrigerant leakage
  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-4Smart control
    The units apply intelligent control system: Micro processor based digital controller with LCD display

  • heat exchanger iconhydrophilically coated exchanger

    can resist harsh pool chemicals and corrosion
  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-6Alco thermal expansion valve for reliability
  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-7High efficiency eco-friendly refrigerant, without ozone depletion
  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-8Low noise Fan
    select the axial fans, which can bring heavy, wind with less running noise
  • Residential-pool-heat-pump-9Low noise, high efficiency, world famous brand compressor


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